Adventure Golf Hire

An interactive themed golf experience available to hire.

Our Adventure Golf Hire is the perfect pop up for visitor attractions, venues, shopping outlets or town centres. It is a themed nine-hole mini-golf course which comes complete with ticket office, queuing system and fencing perimeter.

Our team can work with your floorplan and design a layout that works for the area you are looking to host the Adventure Golf.

The Adventure Golf is super flexible and can be hired weekly, monthly, seasonally or yearly.

Revenue Generation

Adventure Golf is a great way of generating more visitor footfall to your attraction, venue, shopping centre or town centre.

Dependent on the location of your venue, there is the potential to charge between £2 – £8 per person for a nine-hole round.

Increase in secondary spend revenue. Higher dwell time will see shops have higher baskets spends or increase spend at F&B outlets.

Social Distance Activity

Perfect activity for venues looking to bring in a pop-up activity to attract more business that can adhere to social distancing rules as they are adapting and changing.

Two metre distanced course layout to ensure the safety of players.

Nominal up-keep and running charges. Requires one staff member to take payment, oversee the course, give out scorecards and sanitise clubs and balls.

Bespoke to You

Opportunity to make this product bespoke to you with customisable entrance signs, hole names, course maps and scorecards.

Sponsorship revenue opportunities to offer either the course or the holes to be sponsored in return for advertising. Great opportunity to sell to local businesses to advertise.

This product can be made completely bespoke and can be developed into any theme. We have already created; Pirate, Alice in Wonderland and Jungle. Speak to a member of our team to discuss your own bespoke adventure golf course.

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Dino Land

Adventure Golf

Welcome to Dino Land…

I dino what to tell ya! This is the craziest golf course filled with scariest dinosaurs.

Explore the Dino Creek, visit the unpredictable Volcano Mountain. Be careful near the Raptor Enclosure and the watch out for those smelly Dung Beetles.

It is not just the golf course that is included in the Adventure Golf Hire. Dino Land comes with perimeter fencing, grass flooring, ticket booth entrance, queueing system, welcome signage and additional theming to really set the scene.

The Adventure Golf Hire is super simple to put together and we offer a full installation and styling service so we can get it up and running as efficiently as possible.

Fun for all the family

Our Adventure Golf is fun for the whole family can enjoy and make it a real experience to remember.

The course is designed for all ages, with different size clubs to suit everyone.

It comes with a scorecard so your visitors can keep track of scores and challenge each other to repeat roarsome games of Dino Land Adventure Golf.

From your favourite plant-eaters to newly discovered fossils this course has it all, a real favourite for Jurassic lovers.

A great visitor attraction.

Dino Land Holes

Here are all the fabulous holes that make up Dino Park Mini Golf.

The Floor is Lava

Triceratops Tunnel

Herbivore Habitat

Stegosaurus Savanna

Dino Graveyard

Tridactyl Nest

The Dung Slide

T-Rex Enclosure

Dino Creek

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