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Bespoke Builds

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Made up of artists, craftsmen, makers and project producers.
Where imagination is limitless and possibilities endless.

Endless Possibilities

From small prop builds to large scale projects. We can do it all with our talented creative team, state of the art facilities and fantastic onsite builders. The bespoke division of Event Prop Hire still embodies the passion that originated in owners Rosie and Matt’s garage when the company was formed back in 2003.

Focusing on creativity, quality and care in everything they do, the EPH Family, as we call ourselves, strive to deliver the highest quality handmade props and furniture to their vast global client base.




Lets Make Something Together

EPH Studios

The Experience Makers

Our team of dedicated makers are intimately involved in all projects from concept through to delivery. This is how EPH Studios ensure the delivery of so many memorable projects for our clients.

We work with all types of clients who want to make great things and proper experiences. Clients from Brand Centres, Museums, Theme Parks, Attractions, Retail, F&B to FTSE 100 companies.

We create, produce and deliver all sorts of unique projects, immersive environments and exciting experiences, so how can we help you with yours?

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