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We loved working on this Arabian Nights themed event for The Source (EDM) Ltd.

We provided fabulous props and lanterns that all were a huge hit at the event and was the focal point of many photos. We also bespoke made Arabian tents with lush fabrics to fit the colour scheme of the event. This was something that our Head Stylist installed and dressed onsite and as you can see these really became a beautiful feature at the event.

Jo from The Source (EDM) said, “Thank you all so much for your hard work in producing this year’s Arabian Nights themed extravaganza! There are so many cogs in this wheel and if even just one doesn’t work the wheels potentially fall off. Your reliability, professionalism and of course giving that bit extra every year ensures this event is successful and so very special!”

Event Date: 07/12/19

Client: The Source (EDM) Ltd

Arabian Theme

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